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Lookout tower

The Le Monde newspaper has published five columns dedicated to Russia at once. The publication of the publications preceded the meeting of EU foreign ministers that took place on February 22 in Brussels, at which ...

Reading time 17 minutes
Dried flowers; photos and names, ideas of bouquets and compositions for the interior

How to create a fast-growing perennial hedge in the country? Creating a hedge is not only time consuming but also a fun process. This element is very actively used in

Reading time 21 minutes
Set Lassie 723742R-6967 for a boy, blue, size 122

Description, characteristics, photos, price and owner reviews Set Lassie 723742R-6967 for a boy, color blue, size 122 723742R-6967-122

Reading time 12 minutes
Children's birthday script: how to organize an interesting party at home

To make the child's birthday interesting, we offer parents a ready-made holiday scenario and expert advice for preparing a fun party and a sweet table.

Reading time 15 minutes
DIY paper ring

A step-by-step master class with a photo on how to crochet a toy pillow. Is it difficult to crochet a toy pillow?

Reading time 12 minutes
DIY ring flowers

DIY ring flowers Pages Andrey Mironov: Why do lovers look at the stars? “We are tormented by small, useless problems, we waste our thoughts and feelings

Reading time 9 minutes
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