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How to get a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher for the 2021 inspection on March 1

Quote a message from Shadow3dx Read Full Into Your Quote Book or Community! The most famous curses Many of us think that curses are found only in the movies, but in real life strange tragic coincidences also happen ...

Reading time 23 minutes
What are the traditions of celebrating Christmas in Luhansk

Residents of Lugansk spoke about the Christmas traditions that exist in their families

Reading time 12 minutes
How to have a movie night: romantic tips and a selection of films

What to give your loved one for the New Year? New Year is a time of pleasant gifts and souvenirs, a period when close people try to devote time to a friend as much as possible, create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Reading time 13 minutes
DIY gift to a soldier

Betting. Methods of internal struggle with the hell inside - post pikabushnik kusarik. Comments - 10, saves - 0. Join the discussion or publish your post!

Reading time 10 minutes
9 humiliating tricks a manipulative man uses to tie a woman to himself

Being in a relationship with a manipulator does not always leave visible traces, but it can completely destroy your sense of self-confidence. If your partner starts using similar ...

Reading time 9 minutes
Jaguar E-Pace: what to expect from new items

Jaguar E-Pace 2017 is a new British crossover that combines compactness and sporty character. At the same time, the car is quite practical (including because of the all-wheel drive), spacious and compares favorably with wide multimedia capabilities.

Reading time 13 minutes
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