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Selling pyrotechnics: drawing up a business plan for a fireworks store

Selling pyrotechnics: drawing up a business plan for a fireworks store It is logical to start selling pyrotechnics in November-December in order to recoup costs as quickly as possible and start making a profit.

Reading time 14 minutes
Dmitry Bivol: My hands are itching, I want to go to the ring

WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol has confirmed that he can return to the ring in April in a duel with Briton Craig Richards.

Reading time 9 minutes
An ode to love

In terms of performance, plastic windows are superior to wooden ones and, in general, cope with the task of keeping warm in a room much better. It seems that it is not necessary to insulate them, but this is not always the case. There are situations when surface insulation

Reading time 18 minutes
How children's toys and figurines from flea markets became exorbitantly expensive art

The effectiveness of exercises with kettlebells has been proven by time - kettlebell lifting dates back to ancient times. Its popularity is growing now, because such training is simple, budgetary and effective.

Reading time 18 minutes
DIY Christmas deer

New Year's deer are one of the symbols of the bright winter holidays!

Reading time 14 minutes
Biden and the Use of Chinese Labor; one

Cones topiary step by step: master class with photo instructions. Step-by-step master class of pine cones and acorns Topiary from pine cones with your own hands Modern style and apartment design

Reading time 9 minutes
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