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The lawn that lives on the roof: how to properly plant the roof

Modern roofing of buildings transforms from a utilitarian structure that protects the building from rain and snow, into a blooming garden or even a green lawn

Reading time 24 minutes
Opening a new business in the construction industry

When Nord Stream 2 goes live The new Russian party has set an ambitious goal How the Red Army command won the "battle with bicycles" How the American energy industry turned out

Reading time 10 minutes
New Year's edible bouquets

We make New Year's bouquets from fruits and other suitable materials, decorate with sweets, dried fruits, flowers and Christmas tree decorations, master classes, video tutorials

Reading time 9 minutes
Medical books for educators in Novokuznetsk

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (272 Reviews) Do you want to buy medical books for educators ?! Make a medical book for educators officially and inexpensively with delivery in Novokuznetsk. Just ✔ Call ☎ 8 (925) 011-11-78.

Reading time 24 minutes
EU will not be kicked out for banning same-sex marriages: mother of three children on the decision of the Constitutional Court of Latvia

"The methodical destruction of religious, philosophical and intellectual traditions has led to the fact that a person has become more unhappy, weak, and enslaved," says Doctor of Philology Agnese Irbe

Reading time 22 minutes
Thyreomegaly - symptoms, causes and treatment

The thyroid gland ensures the work of all body systems, occupying the main place in the endocrine system after the pituitary gland. The gland provides normal met ...

Reading time 12 minutes
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