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Maxim and Vasilisa are husband and wife, who together created the upcycle brand “Rezno”. They recycle old skateboards.

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How to celebrate the Old New Year today: history, traditions, signs and fortune-telling

I want to ask you an interesting riddle. Have you ever seen a portrait of King Henry VIII of England holding a large turkey or chicken leg in his hand? Have you seen? You won't see again. The leg is gone, instead of it Heinrich is holding gloves. Where did the leg go ?! The fact is that many people, including myself, remember that this fat man held a fleshy shin in his hand. And it always caused laughter and

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DIY paper toys

Description of origami and simple 3D paper crafts. A list of necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for assembling bulky toys with children.

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DIY apple cutter video

Do-it-yourself apple cutter video Such a phenomenon as fogging of headlights has recently become a real scourge for modern motorists. On autoforums every now and then occurs

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Apple Jam in a Multicooker ????

Redmond slow cooker jam. How to make jam in a Redmond multicooker. Apple jam in a slow cooker - 8 step-by-step recipes with photos

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Berries and flowers; Back to the list of questions

Interpretation and discussion of dreams online. Blogs and a Dream Forum on the project, the practice of lucid dreams and prophetic dreams, a dream book of fulfilled dreams and the entire database of dream reports on the oneuronauts project.

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